Powerful note organizer and outliner for Windows

A brief overview of features

Please also see our new page: Outlining Features.

Use this flexible program in many ways:

  • For organized writing, study and research
  • For random note taking and information management
  • Create your own journal, tasks list or bookmark application as described below in "Make your own application."

Convenient two-pane design:

  • A note is called a "Topic" here. A topic has a "Title" and a "Content."
  • Topic titles appear in a Hierarchical Topics List in the left pane.
  • Select a topic in this list and its content appears in the right pane.
  • This design opens even large files fast because only Topic Titles are loaded first.
  • Topic content can have rich text, pictures and even OLE objects.
  • Use an in-place quick content editor or a full screen editor with Tabbed Pages.
  • Create as many WhizFolder files as you want, each with its own Topics List.
  • Manage these files like any other files by using Windows Explorer.

Powerful outlining features:

  • Outline your topics in the Hierarchical List by dragging their titles.
  • Move and Duplicate topics by simple drag and drop.
  • Merge and Export multiple topics for your word processor.
  • The feature to Hoist a branch is available in the Deluxe Edition.
  • The feature to View Merged Outline is available in the Deluxe Edition.

Flexible printing features:

  • Print all or multiple selected topics to get a merged printout.
  • Customize printing of topic titles, header and footer text, etc.
  • Print an automatic hierarchical Table of Contents.
  • See the WhizFolders User Guide prepared this way by printing to a PDF printer.

Find topics quickly by various means:

  • Search for multiple words with "and, or" type options.
  • Find and replace exact text in topic titles and content.
  • Assign Keyword Tags to the topics to find them in yet another manner.
  • Mark important topic titles by "icons or different colors" in the list to have your own status indicators. For example, a pink colored topic title can indicate an unfinished topic or task.

Collect information from various sources:

  • Directly paste information in the Topics List to make new topics automatically.
  • Switch on an option that also pastes the "original web address" of the content you pasted from a browser. This can be handy to make an automatic reference or citation.
  • Use the "Watch Clipboard" feature to rapidly collect information into topics. The same feature can be used to break up a big document into topics easily.
  • Import whole text and RTF files as topics. Breaking of large files into topics also possible by inserting delimiters.
  • A separate Import Utility is also available that we develop actively based on the needs of the users to import outlines from various applications.

Make your own application:

  • Insert "hyperlinks" going from one topic to another. Such hyperlinks can be inserted in the Topics List too. By using this feature, you can make extremely useful documents that are easy to review because the related information can be found by following a link.
  • Make your own powerful "Bookmark Applications" by using the extensive hyperlinking features that can open external documents, folders or web sites. The advantage with WhizFolders is that you can attach detailed notes on your links, a feature that casual bookmark applications may not provide.
  • Switch on the check marks document option to display tick marks on the topics list. You can use these tick marks for any purpose, for example, to make a tasks list.
  • Make a "Journal or Diary application" by setting up the new topic titles to automatically get the current date and/or time.
  • Search for a "Calendar file" in the blog to see how useful a hyperlinked calendar can be.
  • Extend the power of your other programs by attaching WhizFolder notes to them by the Universal Links feature.
  • Get more details on these application ideas under "Use WhizFolders in many different ways" on the Home page.

More details

Note Taking features

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Outlining features

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Make your own text applications with WhizFolders

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Version wise features

After you have looked at the introduction of features above, it might be a good idea to look at the following version wise list of features. On these pages, the new features added in each new version are described along with the screenshots.
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