Powerful note organizer and outliner for Windows
WhizFolders is compatible with Windows 8/7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and also runs on earlier Windows XP/Vista/2000 as well as on Windows Server releases.

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WhizFolders is compatible with Windows 8 desktop WhizFolders is compatible with Windows 7
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"Made exhaustive search for the perfect program. Thought I'd never find it, but I did and much more."

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The trial includes many tutorial features to get you started immediately.

A tutorial document automatically opens when you start WhizFolders for the first time. At the beginning, it shows some popup balloons as a brief introduction to the software. After that you can read the tutorial document and start making notes as you go. We also have flash demo tutorials on this web site in the Demos section. If you have any question, you can search the help file or the Blog on this web site.

This is a fully functional trial of the Pro Edition of WhizFolders.

There are no restrictions on the number of documents or number of notes or outline items you can create.

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The trial software runs for 30 days. You can try out most of the features in there.

Your notes made by the software are still useful after the trial ends.

You can view them with our Freeware Viewer (downloadable from the end of this page).

Note for outlining users or writers:

You can even create thousands of outline items, join them to make a single-document by using export or copy/paste features. This will help you verify the the heavy-duty performance of the application. Many of the customers are writers who have created huge documents and monster reference books with WhizFolders. Such large documents would be very slow to load in regular word processors. But WhizFolders opens them very fast due to the two pane list-outlining approach.

Do write to us if you can't download or install the software. We are there to help.

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Please don't download this trial edition. What you need is the paid edition. Look at the note below.

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WhizFolder Viewer utility
We also have a viewer software that you can give away to your readers with your WhizFolder documents. They don't need a copy of WhizFolders Organizer to read your notes. Please click here for more details.
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